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Tangshan Iron and Steel angle to enter the U.S. high-end boutique marketUpdate: 2011-06-01

Manitowoc Company on behalf of the United States has said that the current Tangshan Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Corporation has become a trial of its most stable supplier of quality, service one of the best suppliers in China to further deepen the cooperation. This year, the Tangshan Iron and Steel has been produced for different specifications of 125mm-200mm angle Q345C 3,400 tons, compared with conventional varieties, and more Chuangxiao 150 yuan per ton.

Tangshan Iron and Steel on the development of the angle is always in the domestic leading position, is the small number of angle steel with high strength and toughness of the production capacity of enterprises. To meet the needs of individual users, Tangshan Iron and Steel has developed a number higher than the national and industry standards for internal control standards more stringent requirements of the production process to achieve the smelting, rolling, straightening, packaging, quality tracking.

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