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Hyundai and Kia production in China under attack yetUpdate: 2011-06-01

 South Korean supplier to strike "shake" move carts Korea 5 Department of Enterprise, part of the production line has been discontinued

After Japan, Korea cars had to stop into a quagmire. May 18, engine parts suppliers YoosungEnterprise Korean workers were dissatisfied with the new wage agreement, a strike to seize the factories, leading South Korean car firms lack the five parts, cut-off will continue, including Hyundai and Kia have suspended the two engines production line.
Or cause a loss of 50,000 vehicles
It is understood, YoosungEnterprise company has five car prices in Korea provides an important engine parts, including Hyundai-Kia Motor Company, 70% of the supply piston rings from the YoosungEnterprise company involved including the Sonata sedan, Santa Fe SUV, Kia cars and K5 SportageRSUV. May 18, the company's workers as YoosungEnterprise reject the new pay agreement and the development of the shift system, the occupation of the production cycle engine production line, officially went on strike, leading to the factory into a shutdown state. According to South Korean police, a total of more than 500 protesters occupied YoosungEnterprise plant in Asan, of which there are more than 100 metals industry trade union solidarity with outsiders.
Affected by this, 24, said a spokesman for Hyundai Motor, SUV, required the absence of diesel engine spare parts inventory, A model and R model engine production lines have been suspended production. A Porter for the production of engine number of trucks and StarexSUV, while the R-type engine used in the production SantaFe and TucsonixSUV. If the existing stock runs out the engine, including gasoline engines, including other production lines may also be affected.
It is understood that, if not on the ring again for the South Korea General Motors, Renault Samsung and Ssangyong Motor began 30 days of this month, some models will also be forced to stop production lines. The loss of five commercial vehicle size may be up to 5 million.
Strike has been successfully resolved
However, the strikes will continue to spread in China, a joint venture of modern production? Beijing Hyundai relevant person in charge of Public Relations Division, told reporters that the Nanfang Daily, YoosungEnterprise strike in South Korea will not have any impact on the modern Beijing, because Beijing is modern and relevant models of piston ring has achieved local production, supplied by the domestic support. According to the latest news, May 25, more than 3,000 South Korean riot police, have been successfully dispersed YoosungEnterprise Seoul factory workers on strike, is expected to YoosungEnterprise company's two engine parts production line will resume operation. 

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