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Chinese suppliers on how to successfully enter the European market?Update: 2011-06-06

 Global mimic industry giant Weiss-V? Tsch components for the automotive and reliable test to open up, making room has been made over 75 years, Barbara is at the present leader in the test areas. That it is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Voetsch true test equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2004, specializing in the disposal of open / design / produce a variety of real experience in testing equipment and coherent system components, according to the product of ze Wo Research the difference between revenue requirements set temperature and dryness, generally work in the automotive, electronics, medical and chemical industry wide Nianye customers, eliminate the potential to bring the product is affected.

  From certification, research income, and reliable tests produced three areas of institutional allies - Rhine TüV Group ("TüV Group"), Mercedes-run vehicles Craft Limited ("MBtech Group") and Fu Wai thinking Odd really test instrument Co., Ltd. ("Weiss-V? tsch Company") is the domestic supply of OEM and supplier of a full range of knowledge and practices, as they successfully entered into the European market supply expert.
  TüV Group is a global count of the certification and monitoring of the two offices, 135 years have been successful in the world for all companies is the product of the quantity and the amount of security for Chek supply reliable system of certification and monitoring work. In order to more easily work the sea customers, TüV Group is the global state has a more than 50 million employees. In 1988, TüV Group came to China for the Chinese enterprises to supply the local start of work, from the initial one German engineers, the recent growth of the professional team of over 700 people and has 8 tail is in China to set up branches in the city village .
  Long annals TüV Group Ping Zhang and strong real strength, has made the Ministry of Communications authorized by many European states, and in accordance with the statutes or the EEC Directive European ECE type approval test performance; by public license (StZVO) perform K-Mark Type Approval testing; in accordance with the business requirements, supply (E/e1), (E/e13), Netherlands (E/e4) and other European country in the E / e-Mark certification work; in accordance with the ISO9000, QS9000 and VDA6.1, the amount of supply of the vehicle industry, the amount of system certification law. Eras, TüV Group has some of the most Nianye China made manufacturer of car please, stop the trial of its suppliers Chinese suppliers on how to successfully enter the European market? Nuclear and product testing. What, then, that teachers with high teacher Kai Fu, Chinese enterprises still lack of certification systems in Europe will understand.
  e World Bank is talking about Bono TüV Group is the supply of vehicles in the advantages of the product certification round, the Rhine Craft (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. acting Deputy Secretary of traffic management Kai-fu teachers, high teacher summed up as: TüV Group is China's Law 10 years, Ping Zhang Fu Hou domestic experience and resident expert, can really necessary when the supply of work for the enterprise; the headquarters of the powerful sustain, global network of knowledge gathered, ready to grasp the European vehicles in the latest round growth of the statutes environment; supply of certified round in the entire work, the statutes cover design consulting, product point of channeling process, staff, the certification process through advice, delivery and other evidence of the one-step work; enjoy the heart of Europe into the trust business, to his assistant, business institutions and enterprises are useful in the conflict implicit premise; the certified companies entered into the database query for the junior buyer for the business to create new business opportunities; and domestic cars, motorcycles and parts of the power giant test Unit set up a lasting friendship for the closing of open systems, so now the test of localization and cut costs to pay and so on.
  Reuters China's industry on the domestic terms of OEM and suppliers, into the European market into the fabric modesty is a very major trick. In the past, OEM manufacturers in Asia such as China and Malaysia Landwind Proton (Proton) and others have experienced some pain to teach. To the days when European firms are still a monopoly in that market, as long as fewer number of days the company has successfully rounded out the European circular array. In on the opportunity and challenges, China's OEM and suppliers to successfully enter the European market Ruohe?
  2, a clear brand positioning: In accordance with local requirements to open up and true line of brand strategy. Is the European car market, new market potential entrants to the market a clear image of the positioning have to open the opening for the enemy to make much-needed foot.
  Jing Xiao professional, the courage to stand with
  WVC true test equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd. to fulfill director Ko Tin Lok teachers of teachers think that the Chinese into the OEM and suppliers into the European market, the challenge is in the statutes and the end of round to round in from the following: pollutant emissions pedestrians, the European New Car Assessment System (Euro-NCAP), making the disposal of scrapped vehicles degrees (ELV), supported by over use of the vehicle, vehicle interior materials, allergy testing, skin type material directly to fight the physical and chemical requirements. Herein, the disposal of scrapped vehicles, vehicle supported by the over use of car design from the beginning need to be thinking about. Speaking from the craft, pedestrians and passengers in contradiction, is the most difficult by the statutes.
  Function of product testing on the product has a very major influence. The vehicle, the situation is more common use of cold-start test, and really experience Chek An airbag (after demolition of high-speed photography home, confiscated before being Chek An airbag in the dashboard environment), the material test (true test splash , temperature and dryness true rugged experience, the temperature hit real experience, real experience fully open vibration, erosion of real experience in a variety of gases, salt spray erosion of real experience) is also more throughout.
  At the present for the opening of China's auto market increasingly keen, car sales price received for each year decreased by 5% to 6%, while the material prices are being kept up, it resulted in lower profits are kept down, at the present OEM manufacturers in China Each year the center is only about 30 million units to the Middle East and Africa region. European markets OEM and suppliers in China in terms of very attractive, but must start by a number of challenges. Are all the challenges, the legislature closed the stagnation than if a small force, and Barbara's challenge comes from the market, customers of view, the brand promise line, Chek Ann and environmental awareness, as those who have hidden the identity of affected OEM manufacturers with research collection, authentication and reliable testing and so on.
  Understanding of the market, customers of view, Kai brand recognition, awareness is the Chek Ann and supplier of OEM and research is being received, certification and inspection deeds true identity of the main effects. As long as those who truly understand the identity, and my purpose in the name of the market with open fire for the Chinese OEM and suppliers can respond to these challenges, successfully entered into the European market. (Zebian: Annie)
  1, fully open the detailed thinking about the local environment in Europe: such as cultural themes, social themes and differences, look for the differences in customer demand for the adoption of agile marketing channels. In view of the difference between the market environment in Europe, China, OEM and suppliers to understand the local needs very major, and the other in the place of origin should also attach importance to corporate image, it will not only affect the amount of product, reliable and trusted that, it is Kai Chinese brands achieved recognition in the major sea status. In this regard, MBtech Group also help China to take back the reputation (such as the Olympics, World Expo, etc.) and the success of multinational companies (such as the sea I, Lenovo, etc.) to stop the brand knot open.
  Test Expert
  4, glancing off for closed systems (CRM): the emphasis is placed to win customers and retain the look-off look, agile and open nature of the products and practices.
  3, efficient distribution and collection of things: the establishment, cultivation and distribution and work for the collection, establishment and promotion of efficient distribution and collection work.
  MBtech Group pointed out that China's successful OEM and suppliers to endure into the European car market, the four elements will be the night into the small Front:
  MBtech Group is a work in the automotive industry in the international engineering and consulting business companies, work cover the vehicle engineering, power system for a round case, electronic case and sought for a round and so on. Craft Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mercedes-run vehicle is the amount of MBtech Group's global nature of the company, MB-Technology Co., Ltd. has a 75% equity in a Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information skills have 25% equity in the discussion. MBtech Group joint opening is on engineering, consulting, operations and training round in the professional wonderful technology, for the difference in customer supply-made products and high water Chek value-added work, and take a look at customers, suppliers and the opening for the fire with serious rare cooperation, stop interdisciplinary project thing. Based on the wonderful vehicle of professional skills, professionalism and enthusiasm, MBtech Group, established to supply consistent with the case for a round off all the products in the life cycle.

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