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How to Find a Supplier in ChinaUpdate: 2011-06-07

You could become the next great inventor. You had the idea, you made the prototype and you have the market. Now you need to find a supplier capable of handling your demand, so consider going global. China is a good option because of its low production costs, and by doing your homework you can find the supplier in China that's right for you.
Analyze your needs to determine your category. The size of your business will dictate what type of supplier you choose. Whether it is a large company, a third-party supplier or a small family-owned supplier, make sure your needs fit the business style of the supplier in China that services you.
Make efficient use of your computer. Do Internet research on lists of China-based suppliers. After narrowing down the lists to those that match your supply demands, use a software program to input the data onto a chart that can store company names, contact information and company statistics all at the stroke of a key.
Develop relationships with suppliers in China. Once you have a manageable list of suppliers, make initial contact with those that most interest you. Get to know the key staffers to discover whom you will work with most successfully.
Ask about their current and past clients. Weed out the Chinese suppliers that haven't worked with clients in the U.S. or Europe.
Realize the value of face-to-face contact. All the computer research, emailing and telephoning is great for your background information on suppliers in China, but nothing beats the personal touch. Plan a trip to China to inspect the facilities, look over product samples and meet the contacts to really understand their capabilities.

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